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Providing hoof trimmers educational opportunities to improve hoof health, support of fellow trimmers and network with industry professionals.

HTA is a professional association founded to network hoof trimmers anround the world as well as to advance the profession and foster the professional development of individual hoof trimmers. Our members span 38 US states, 9 Canadian provinces and more than 15 countries and include trimmers, nutritionists, veterinarians, dairy producers, herdsmen, industry representatives, educators, researchers, extentsion agents and manufacturers.

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Expand your knowledge. Find solutions. Advance your profession.

We offer accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of hoof health and connect you with veterinary researchers around the world who have dedicated themselves to hoof health. Interact with the most progressive and informed hoof trimmers in North America and beyond!

The largest HTA meeting, this conference is held every 18 months in a major city in the U.S. The meeting showcases workshops, educational sessions, exhibitors, peer discussions, and networking events. Members receive special pricing and access to members-only events.

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The Association organizes an series of audio seminars, webinars, podcasts and live demonstrations throughout the U.S. to provide advanced education and training.

Through a special partnership with some of the best known and most popular providers to the hoof trimming industry, HTA members receive special discounts available only through membership. These discounts more than recover your membership dues in savings. Click here to learn more about this program and the current participants.

The Hoof Health Connection is quarterly news magazine available only to members and subscribers, providing readers with news from the association and trimming industry, recently published research, vendor and product information, business related articles, networking information and more.

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To encourage, reward and publicize outstanding work done by professionals, HTA presents several awards and scholarships during the Annual Conference.

HTA regional groups provide regional information, networking, and support to local trimmers.

The Association continues to emphasize the importance of proper hoof health to the dairy industry. Much of this marketing is seen through our presence at major trade shows such as the World Dairy Expo, the World Ag Expo in Tulare, Ca; the Keystone Farm Show in Pa.; Western Canada Dairy Seminar in Alberta. Membership funds continue to support this endeavor.

HTA members are some of the most caring people you’ll meet. The Trimmers Assistance Program provides assistance for trimmers who find themselves in need of temporary assistance due to health issues or natural disasters.

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