Tax & Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Running your own business comes with it’s own set of challenges and headaches.  But add on top of that the regulatory requirements around reporting and paying income taxes, and it can become downright overwhelming.  In this presentation, we’re going to discuss various accounting and management areas that sole proprietors and business owners should be familiar with.  Topics will range from record keeping and tax payments to home offices and travel.

This outstanding webinar will be presented by David Gilmer, JCCS – Certified Public Accountants.

JCCS has more than 100 professionals working in six locations. Yet we all share one goal: to guide you in making smart decisions today so you can have a better tomorrow.

Our well-qualified CPAs and business advisors look beyond mere numbers and statistics. We begin by asking a few simple questions. Where do you want to be – short and long term? How can we poise you for future growth while avoiding any potential pitfalls? Can we dig even deeper into our bench of talent to help you further succeed? Then we assemble a team of experts to help you execute your plan and correct it as necessary.

For more than 70 years we’ve helped clients, both big and small, in virtually every sector. We’ve collaborated with them on everything from managing payroll to paying the right amount of tax, from expansion plans like mergers and acquisitions to succession planning, and valuation. Throughout it all we’ve held one firm belief.

When it comes to reaching your personal, business and professional goals, knowledge is power.

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