Understanding Financial Reports – Pt 1

Understanding Financial Reports – Part 1 Financial statements are a valuable tool to determine the health of your business.  Banks and other lenders will ask for copies before lending to be sure they are making a wise loan. Reading and understanding financial statements is important for anyone who owns a business, is responsible for the […]

Tax & Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

Tax & Accounting Tips for Small Businesses Running your own business comes with it’s own set of challenges and headaches.  But add on top of that the regulatory requirements around reporting and paying income taxes, and it can become downright overwhelming.  In this presentation, we’re going to discuss various accounting and management areas that sole […]

Just One Thing

Just One Thing In this informative session, Dr. Ken Bergquist will be discussing the basic principles of Ergonomics/Material Handling for wellness as well as an Introduction to Human Stress.  The discussion will include areas such as: 1) The physical nature of hoof management is very real. 2) Soft tissue injury sets us back, reduces quality of […]

Trimmer’s Survival Guide: Looking In, Not Out

Trimmer’s Survival Guide: Looking In, Not Out Listen to Clantz Liggett, FInancial Advisor, discuss ways to ease your budget and plan for the big tax hit next April.  He shows us ways to legally convert expenses we are already paying into “above the line” business expenses, reducing your business “profit” while preserving the expenses you […]